Events & Dates

The Dance Studio runs a vast range of Concerts, Internal Assessments, Examinations, Competitions and Overseas Performance Opportunities.

Annual Concerts

Each year, The Dance Studio holds two annual showcase concerts which are wonderful opportunities for our students to perform on stage for their friends and family. We hold our concerts in professional theatres in Melbourne that are close to our studio making it very convenient for all families. Our Junior School concert involves our Baby Toes and Preliminary students and our Senior School concert involves students from Primary to Open/Advanced levels. Although performing in our concerts is not compulsory, it is the highlight of our dance calendar and we strive to have all dancers perform with us.

Junior School

Junior School Concert

Sunday October 27th 2024

Students enrolled in all Baby-Toes, Preliminary & Primary Classes

Senior School

Senior School Concert

Saturday December 7th 2024

Students from Junior & Primary classes upwards

Dress Rehearsals (Compulsory)

Saturday & Sunday November 16th & 17th 2024

Saturday & Sunday November 23rd & 24th 2024

Theatre Rehearsals (Compulsory)

Friday 6th & Saturday 7th December 2024

Presentation Assessments

The Dance Studio offers students from 6 years and upwards to participate in our Presentation Assessment Program. This involves students presenting their class work to an external dance assessor whilst still having their class teacher in the room to help them feel comfortable and supported. Assessments provide an exciting challenge and give students the chance to practice the correct exam procedure before commencing formal examinations. We highly recommend these assessments as they give each child a specific goal to work towards whilst building their confidence and giving them a sense of achievement. All students will receive a medal and report regarding their performance, which is a great way for you to monitor your child’s progress. Assessments are held in August each year at our Burwood studio.


Junior School Assessments

Sunday August 4th 2024

Entries Due Saturday June 22nd


Senior School Assessments

Sunday August 4th 2024

Entries Due Saturday June 22nd


The Dance Studio offers examinations in Classical Ballet and Theatrical Jazz and Tap. These examinations are highly recommended for dedicated students as they develop technical & performance skills, build confidence and offer a stimulating challenge. The Australian Teachers of Dance (ATOD) syllabus is a highly regarded dance syllabus that is recognised across Australia and Asia Pacific regions. All candidates are awarded a certificate & medal upon successful completion of an examination.


Theatrical Dancing Examinations

Grades 1 – 7:
Entry closing date: Friday 22nd March 2024
Examination date: Sunday 23rd June 2024

Mock Exams: Saturday 8th June 2024


ATOD Examinations

Graded Examinations
Entry closing date: Friday 22nd March 2024
Mock Exams: Monday July 8th and Tuesday July 9th 2024
Compulsory Winter School: Monday July 8th – Friday July 12th 2024
Exam dates: 2024 TBC


The Dance Studio has been offering its most dedicated, committed and technically strong dancers to represent the school at dancing competitions for many years. Our competition dancers are extremely dedicated and love to work as a team, often forging long lasting friendships due to their shared passion for dance. Each year, The Dance Studio enters both group and solo works at dance competitions in Melbourne. Teams are created based on age and ability and entrance into our competition program is via audition. Registering your child into dance competitions with The Dance Studio also means that they will participate in cross- age group work, which is a great way for the younger dancers to look up to the older dancers and in turn, gives the opportunity for the more experienced dancers to develop leadership and mentoring skills. Dance competitions also provide invaluable performance experience, and above all, are lots of fun!


Stage Attack Dance Competitions


Jump Dance Challenge


Southern Federation of Dance Competitions


Starstruck Dance Competitions

Term Dates 2024

The Dance Studio follows the Victorian government school terms.

Term 1

Monday January 29th  – Thursday March 28th 2024

Term 2

Monday April 15th – Saturday June 29th 2024

Term 3

Monday July 15th – Saturday September 21st 2024

Term 4

Monday October 7th – Friday December 6th 2024

Open Week

Parents are invited to watch their child’s class during a special week in each term (called Open Week) so that they can see their child’s progress and also to give the children an opportunity to perform what they have been learning. Please see dates as listed below. Our open weeks are not open to the general public. If you would like to join the school we recommend booking some trial classes.

Term 1

Saturday 16th – Friday 22nd March 2024

Term 2

Saturday 1st – Friday 7th June 2024

Term 3

Saturday 31st August – Friday 6th September 2024

Term 4

No Open Week is held during Term 4

Photo Days

Junior School Photo Day

Saturday October 19th 2024

Students enrolled in Baby-Toes from 3 years and upwards, Preliminary and Primary Students

Senior School Photo Day

Saturday November 30th 2024

Students from Junior upwards

Choreographic Workshop & Performance

Each year TDS holds a Choreographic Workshop and Performance which is a great opportunity for our students to express their ideas and talents through their own choreography in a fun and friendly environment on stage in a professional theatre. Students prepare their own dance works from start to finish including music and costume selection and of course are in charge of their own choreography in their selected genre of dance. Students can perform as a soloist or in groups. Every performer receives a medallion and certificate of participation. It is the perfect forum for young and upcoming choreographers and aspiring dance teachers to explore their own movement vocabulary and develop their own style.

Workshop: Term 3 Date TBC 2024

Performance: Sunday, October 27th 2024

Overseas Performance Opportunities

In 2014, The Dance Studio and a select group of dancers ventured to the USA to perform at Disneyland and California Adventure Park and participate in professional dance workshops in LA. In 2018, we were very excited to take another trip to the US but this time headed to the East Coast to perform at Disneyworld, Universal Studios, The Statue of Liberty and tour NYC taking workshops & classes and watching Broadway shows.

Both trips were truly amazing experiences for the aspiring dancer and families alike!  We very much look forward to our next trip in April 2024!  Our TDS Dances will again be returning to LA for several performances and workshops as well as participating the world famous Disneyland Parade down main street.

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