Baby Toes Ballet

Start your child’s dance journey with our fun and safe Baby Toes Ballet classes for 2 – 5 year olds. Learn from nurturing and engaging dance teachers. All genders are  welcome!

Introduction to Dance

The classes help develop motor skills, creativity and musicality as well as being lots of fun! Each term, we host an open week so parents can see their child’s progress and children can perform what they have been learning. Open week dates are listed on our events page. We introduce a small degree of discipline with a formal uniform and we encourage neat grooming in these classes.

Program History

Baby-Toes ballet classes were set up in 1991 with the establishment of Hawthorn Studio of Dance (now known as The Dance Studio). The classes use a range of classical music and nursery rhymes specifically designed for 2 – 5 year olds. The class is a follow the leader format so shy children can feel comfortable as part of the group whilst more outgoing personalities can progress with more confidence.

All children will have had their 2nd birthday to participate in the 2/3 year-old class, 3rd birthday to participate in the 3/4 year old class and 4th birthday for the 4/5 year old classes.

Junior School Concert Included

The Dance Studio holds an annual Junior School Concert in the second half of every year at a professional theatre. This is a highlight on the children’s calendar each year and is looked forward to by families and students alike! The Dance Studio is the only school to offer this special half yearly concert specifically for the little ones and is just gorgeous to watch.

This concert is a delightfully entertaining production featuring the youngest members of our dance school attending our Baby Toes 3/4, 4/5 years classes, our Preliminary and Primary classes, as well as some other special performances from our older students!

Pathway to Professional Dance

Classical ballet is the foundation of all dance forms and is encouraged to be taken throughout the training of a young dancer. Formal technical training starts at 6 years of age when there is more understanding of body awareness. For the more serious classical ballet student, we offer examinations in the highly regarded Australian Teachers of Dance (ATOD) syllabus.

Why Choose Baby Toes Ballet?

Fun Program

A really enjoyable and stimulating class for your little one to take on a weekly basis. A dynamic fusion of ballet and creative dance that they will LOVE.

Expert Tuition

Learn the correct dance technique of classical ballet in a safe and progressive way from kind and nurturing teachers that love teaching dance and will INSPIRE your child to love it too!

Safe Environment

All teachers have a WWCC and uphold our school’s values of promoting the wellbeing of all children. Our classes allow quiet and shy children to develop and build their confidence in a safe way.


All class content is especially designed with your child’s age in mind. The Dance School places significant importance on uniform, costume, music and choreography selection. We are always acting within the Victorian Child Safe Standards and keeping our students protected.


With just being 30 minutes from Melbourne CBD & classes held six days a week, we are the most suitable studio for your young dancer’s first classes.

Further Education

We are a one-stop-shop for performing arts in Melbourne. Once your child completes our Baby-Toes and Preliminary Programs, pathways can open to learn a larger variety of dance styles, take examination classes, enter competitions and participate in extra performances. Your child can also continue studying as a recreational student on a once per week basis as programs are flexible and can be tailored to what suits your child best.

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