Dance Classes

We have over 8 styles of dance to choose from. Choose multiple styles when you register or consider joining our Summer or Winter School programs!

For students aged 2+

We offer classes for students from two years of age to adults – from our thriving Baby Toes Program to our Examination and Competition stream. The Dance Studio students can start their dance journey with us as a toddler and continue into their adult years. Interested in a more relaxed once a week class without the hassles or pressure of exams? We offer recreational classes in all genres from age seven upwards! With a program for EVERY student, we are the one-stop dance studio in the Eastern Suburbs!

Trial 2 classes

We offer all prospective students a trial period to ensure that TDS is the right fit for them before committing to enrolment. This gives the student and their family a chance to get a feel for the class and meet the teacher, and for us to make sure that we have chosen the most appropriate program for your child. Register your interest to arrange your two week trial period.

Safe Enviroment

We provide a safe space for all of our students and their families. We are committed to complying with the Victorian Government Child Safety Standards and every staff member has a current Working With Children Check. We believe that all students, staff and parents/carers deserve respect and kindness and we have a strict anti-bullying policy. We practise a “Covid-Safe” environment and align with Melbourne restrictions.

Fun and Stimulating Classes

We are known for our dynamic classes and positive, happy studio environment. Parents enjoy relaxing in our comfortable waiting room and children love coming to their classes every week. Director, Jessica Masson, is passionate about making dance enjoyable for all of our students. We continuously fine-tune class content and plan all classes with appropriate age, ability, choreography and music choices. All staff complete yearly continuing professional development for their dance speciality.

Acrobatic Dance Classes

This class works on acrobatic skills for dancers to enhance their on stage performances including cartwheels, hand stands, walk-overs, back flips and tumbling tricks.

Ballet Dance Classes

The true foundation of dance form, ballet trains each dancer’s strength, discipline, flexibility and technique.

Jazz Dance Classes

Jazz dance involves flexibility training, isolations and fun upbeat choreography. Thanks to its popularity on TV shows, movies, music videos and commercials, Jazz is one of our most popular dance styles.

Musical Theatre Dance Classes

Junior and senior dance students work on musical theatre pieces to developing their use of voice, singing & acting in combination with dance.

Tap Dance Classes

Tap dance is characterized by using the sounds of tap shoes striking the floor as a form of percussion. It is widely performed in musical theatre and focuses on musicality, style and very fast movements of the feet and legs to produce varied rhythms and sounds.

Hip Hop Dance Classes

Dance to popular music and develop rhythm, style and musicality using quick dynamic movements isolating all parts of the body. Hip Hop classes are for students from 8 years of age and is a style often seen in film clips.

Contemporary Dance Classes

Contemporary, developed from classical ballet, involves creative expression utilising a combination of free flowing and contract and release movements. We teach a range of contemporary styles including the popular lyrical contemporary. To provide our dancers with a strong foundation, contemporary students also enrol in at least one classical ballet class at our school.

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We have over 8 styles of dance to choose from. Choose multiple styles when you register or consider joining our Summer or Winter School programs!